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Dietitian Boss Instagram is a self-study course that is ideal for registered dietitians who are looking to get more clients and make more sales from Instagram.

Getting Clients From Instagram ... A Self-Study Course For Female Registered Dietitians

If you are a dietitian looking to get more clients in your private practice and make more sales from Instagram, this course is for you!


Created by Dietitian Boss, Libby Rothschild, this course takes you through the basic steps to get started marketing your private practice on Instagram and getting clients! 


Discover how to build your Instagram presence in a way that you attract your ideal client with the right message for your niche. Follow along with the lessons and do the exercises in the workbook, and you will begin to get more clients into your private practice

The course curriculum includes:

Part 1: Message and Niche Down Framework

Part 2: Goal Setting for Sales on Instagram

Part 3: Setting Up Metrics to Sell

Part 4: Instagram Business
Profile Setup

Part 5: Promotion

Part 6: Planning

Part 7: Evaluation


This is a self study course ... designed specifically for new private practice owners, female registered dietitians who want to build their client base and increase sales.

You can learn the same tactics she used to achieve the success Libby has, and now she continues to work with other female registered dietitians to help them do the same.

The program can change everything when it comes to your private practice. Book your spot today for only $697.00 -- You can also choose an easy 3 payment plan of $235

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Dietitian Boss Instagram is laid out to help you apply my proven steps to building a presence on Instagram and then using Instagram to get clients. You will learn the basics about your message and my niching down framework so that you can use Instagram to get more clients to your private practice.

These lessons are ones I have learned from building my own business, and that I have taught to over 100 other dietitians who have successfully implemented them. Now is your chance to get started with the basics of using Instagram to get clients into your private practice.

If you follow the lessons in this course, do the workbook exercises for each lesson and put them into practice, you will see positive changes and soon will be ready for more!

Libby’s guidance and support as a business coach are unparalleled. I came to Libby with next to nothing – pretty much an idea for a niche and an Instagram account that was a mess of random ideas. I can tell you that my following has more than doubled under Libby’s expert guidance (around 500 at the start, I believe, to almost 1500 now, 4 months later) and that in three months I built a program from the ground up and converted my very first lead into a paying client.

Jessica Serdikoff, RDN, CPT @empowering.dietitians

From Maree Ferguson of Dietitian Connection ...

"Libby really is the Instagram Queen! In three months she has helped us grow our Instagram by 5,000 followers. Libby knows all the tips and tricks with Instagram and getting more engaged with your audience."


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Enroll in the Course

Your Instructor,
Libby Rothschild

I work with registered dietitians who love making an impact but struggle with building their private practice and increasing profit.

My goal is to inspire my colleagues (Registered Dietitians) and wellness professionals. Working with me including showing you how to build, manage and grow multiple revenue streams from online marketing. I help you get clients, increase clients and/or create and launch digital products like online courses.


  • Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, Hunter College New York
  • Masters of Clinical Nutrition, New York University
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (CDN)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) via American Council of Exercise
  • Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) via American Council of Exercise

Professional Associations:

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)

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